6LoWPAN wireless sensor network connected to the Internet through WiFi module

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Pre-built software function pack (FP-SNS-6LNODE1) that provides a sample application that allows full access to the sensors and actuator resources on the IoT node by means of the OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) standard protocol, using the IPSO Smart Objects Guidelines for data representation.

Pre-built software function pack (FP-NET-6LPWIFI1) providing an application-level functions implementation to bridge 6LoWPAN IoT nodes with a WiFi network (UDP protocol support only). A sample application is provided to access the resources (e.g. sensors or actuators) on the 6LoWPAN nodes by means of the OMA Lightweight M2M  (LWM2M) protocol.

For get the OMA specification go here.

Below there are a graphical network explanation.

The kits for testing the network are based on this evaboards: