MeshPower – an electronic application that helps men of the Third World

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  • MeshPower – An electronic application that helps people that live in the Third World


With an STM32F4, MeshPower Delivers Electricity and So Much More in Rwanda

Many talk about using technology to better the lives of people, but few manage to do it like MeshPower. This company, based in England, installs small solar-powered grids in rural parts of Rwanda to bring affordable and reliable electricity to entire communities that had to previously depend on expensive batteries or simply live in the dark. Last August, MeshPower celebrated its 1,000th customer. Today, they are doubling that number, and are hoping to reach 2,400 households by the end of the year. They are experiencing massive growth because they have an efficient technology and they clearly understand the challenges people face in this region of the world, and it is an honor for ST to be an integral part of their endeavor.

One of MeshPower’s biggest accomplishment was the development of a system that’s compatible with the area’s economy. Most customers can only afford to pay three to four dollars a month, and because many of them have seasonal farming activities, one must account for the fact that income is not constant all year round. Hence, MeshPower designed a nano-grid that can reach up to 50 homes and small businesses. Scale means that after a certain number of people have signed up, adding new customers to a grid costs virtually nothing. Therefore, despite the clients’ limited purchasing power, MeshPower is able to grow quickly and bring their technology to other communities. Furthermore, customers can choose a pay-as-you-go service to better manage their bills according to their needs and finances, making their access to electricity affordable and flexible.

Mesh Power grid


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