How to import a .ZIP project in Atollic

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For import a file .zip shared from a colleague or in Internet follow the steps below.

  1. We suppose that you have this file ( to import.
    The file above is for NUCLEO-F030RE and contain the printf implementation via virtual com (USART2).
  2. Create a working directory, in our case is:
    and copy in this directory the file:
  3. Run ATOLLIC and select the WORKSPACE: E:\0\xyz
    See below.

  4. Now choose: File – > Open Projects from File System…
    see below

  5. Now, from the new window that appear do the steps from 1 to 3.
    See below.

  6. Now try to compile your imported project, if all is OK you must see something like below.

  7. Now go in debug
    Form the window that appear select the first line and presse OK. See below.

    When you are in Debug, RUN the program.
    Now open a terminal emulation, for example TeraTerm

    and you must see momething like below.

    That is all, good work.


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