How to use the X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4 (SPIRIT1) in P2P mode + ACK under mBED

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The kit that we use is based on X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4 (868 MHz) plugged on the NUCLEO-L053R8, of course are necessary two kits.
Thanks to mBED is very easy transfer the SW on other Boards or MCU.

Below there is the flow diagram.

There is two SW, one for TX kit and another one for RX kit
TX sw is here
RX sw is here
The sw was developed using mBED online compiler

If you connect the KITs to the PC and use a terminal emulation, we suggest TeraTerm, you see the extra information.
The terminal emulation configuration must be: 9600 8 N 1 N

SW note:

In the SW, at the beginning of program, there is this variable:

static char send_buf[TEST_STR_LEN] ={‘S’,’P’,’I’,’R’,’I’,’T’,’1′,’ ‘,’H’,’E’,’L’,’L’,’O’,’ ‘,’W’,’O’,’R’,’L’,’D’,’ ‘,’P’,’2′,’P’,’ ‘,’D’,’E’,’M’,’O’};

The send_buf is your “secret string” used for the communication from the external doorbell to the internal ringer.
Change it to avoid interference between two Doorbells made with the same KIT and SW.

Another suggested SW change is to insert a crypto library if you need to use this application for remote a sensible data via wireless.
The crypto must be use to crypt the secret string.