What should I use to develop on STM32 ?

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Up to now there is a loot of IDE (Compiler and Debugger) for the Cortex Mx, in this page there is a little list of the principal IDE that are used for develop on the STM32.

In addition to the development environment is also necessary JTAG or SWD emulator that is normally provided by the vendors listed above and also directly by STM (ST-LINK).
There are, of course, other vendors that offer compatible JTAG/SWD emulators with leading development environments.

All the STM32 library are release in ANSI C and CMSIS so is it possible use it under all C-Compiler (IDE).
The toolchain directly supported by STM also contain the configuration files of themselves.

  • Free IDE for STM32
    • CUBE is the configurator and the library for all the STM32
    • mBed is free ARM compiler – See  my tutorial here.
    • ATOLLIC now free
    • KEIL is free for STM32L0xx (Cortex M0+) and STM32F0xx (Cortex M0).
      For other STM32 it is free up to 32K of exe.
    • emIDE
    • AC6 – System WorkBench
    • Now is possible use some STM32 in the ARDUINO IDE.
      For more info see this tutorial.
  • High level language
    • MicroEJ (Java) is a leading vendor of cost-driven embedded software solutions for the smart digital world.
    • MicroPythonHere there are the FW ready to use on different STM32 boards.
    • MATLAB and Simulink are here.