How to develop a new project on the SPBTLE-1S module (based on BlueNRG-1 component)

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SPBTLE-1S module is based on the BlueNRG-1 component.

For developing on the SPBTLE-1S module is necessary use the STSW-BLUENRG1-DK.
STSW-BLUENRG1-DK is evaluation SW package based on the BlueNRG-1 and BlueNRG-2 very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode systems-on-chip with 160 KB and 256 KB of Flash memory, respectively, 24 KB of RAM, 32-bit core ARM® Cortex®-M0 and ADC, GPIOs, I²C, RTC, SPI, Timers, UART, WDG and RTC peripherals.
The STSW-BLUENRG1-DK SW package contains a complete set of peripheral drivers (header and source files), which allow interface with the device peripherals (ADC, GPIOs,I²C, RTC, SPI, Timers, UART and WDG, RTC), and a complete set of related demonstration applications (header and source files).

Download the STSW-BLUENRG1-DK and install it.

Now click on the: RELEASE FOLDER
From the window that appear select all the folders and copy they in your working directory, see below.

Check your working directory, must be not: read only, see below.

Now, in your working directory, under PROJECT directory, there are the directories below.

  • BLE_Examples – In this directory there are a loot of BLE examples
  • BlueNRG1_Periph_Examples – In this directory there are a loot PERIPHERALs examples
  • STM32L – In this directory there are examples dedicated to STM32L1xx family connected to the SPBTLE-1S

We suggest to start your project from the examples present in the directory:
BLE_Examples and BlueNRG1_Periph_Examples
the project are ready to use for: ATOLLIC, KEIL and IAR.

For develop your project you need an evaboard.
STEVAL-IDB007V1M this is the evaboard that we suggest.

The schematics is here.


See this presentation.