STM8 Introduction

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ST’s 8-bit microcontroller platform is implemented around a high-performance 8-bit core and a state-of-the-art set of peripherals. This platform is manufactured using an ST-proprietary 130 nm embedded non-volatile memory technology.
The STM8 allows fast and safe development through enhanced stack pointer operations, advanced addressing modes and new instructions.

If you need a 8 bit MCU with performances, rich peripherals, data EEPROM and aggressive price the solution is STM8 family.

The STM8 platform supports four product series:

  • Performance: @24MHz – 6 DMIPS5 CoreMark
  • The STM8 platform supports four main product lines:
    • STM8S, general-purpose MCU
    • STM8L, ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU
    • STM8A, automotive MCU
    • STM8AL, automotive ultra-low-power MCU

STM32-STM8 embedded software solutions (update to January 2012, pdf 1.9MB), is here.

STM8S/L/A presentation (July 2015 – pdf 4,5Mb)


The nice thing is that the STM for STM8 family gives us the libraries in C to manage all the peripherals of STM8.
In the package of the libraries there are also included dozens of examples concerning the use of all the STM8 peripherals.

A complete list of the STM8 MCU Eval Boards, Discovery and Nucleo are here.