Wireless charger Introduction

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EVALSTWBC-EP is a wireless battery charger TX evaluation kit based on the STWBC including EVALSTWBC-EP demo-board and EVALWBCDNGV1 USB-UART dongle, designed for charging devices such as smartphones or tablets where high power levels are required.

The evaluation board supports wireless battery charging of Qi-compliant devices up to 15W.
It also supports proprietary fast charging modes up to 10W.

ATTENTION: The below components are not available for new projects

  • Qi 1.2 compliant 15 W wireless charger solution

  • STEVAL-ISB027V1Qi A11 5W wireless charger transmitter evaluation board based on STWBC

    The STEVAL-ISB027V1 is a Qi 5 Watt wireless battery charger transmitter evaluation board based on the STWBC digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters. The solution is certified in accordance with the Qi standard, A11 topology.
    The STEVAL-ISB027V1 provides a complete kit which includes the STWBC IC, firmware, layout and tools.
    The layout is based on a cost-effective 2-layer PCB.
    Tools for the STEVAL-ISB027V1 are available on www.st.com, and allow users to access run time information such as the current power delivered or the FOD status. The STWBC firmware offers users the flexibility to modify the behavior of the LEDs or GPIOs, while adding customizable I²C and UART communication.

    See this QSGuide

  • STWLC04Qi based, 1 W optimized wireless power receiver
  • STWBC-WA – Digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters

    • STEVAL-ISB038V1
      EvaBoard, 1 W wearable wireless power system based on STWBC-WA and STWLC04

  • STWLC03 – Dual-mode Qi/ PMA wireless power receiver (Up to 7.5 W output power )

    • STEVAL-ISB039V1
      EvaBoard, 1 W wireless charger system Tx/Rx based on STM32F0 and STWLC03

  • STWLC33Multi Mode Qi/Airfuel Inductive Wireless Power Receiver with Transmitter Function.
    The STWLC33 is an integrated wireless power solution suitable for portable applications. The STWLC33 is able to operate with Qi 1.2 or AirFuel inductive communication protocol. It can operate up to 15 W receivers or 5 W transmitters.

    • Key Feature
      • Up to 15 W output power in RX mode and 5 W in TX mode
      • Qi 1.2 and AirFuel inductive wireless standard communication protocol
      • Integrated high efficiency synchronous rectifier
      • Low drop regulator with output current and input voltage regulation loop
      • Total system efficiency up to 80% at 5 V VOUT
      • 32-bit, 32 MHz ARM Cortex microcontroller with 32 kB FW memory, 8 kB RAM memory
      • 4 kB NVM for configuration
      • 32 MHz PWM timer
      • 10-bit 8-channel A/D converter
      • Up to 5 configurable GPIOs
      • Integrated 5 V LDO for auxiliary features
      • Precise voltage and current measurements for FOD function
      • Overvoltage clamp protection
      • HW FSK and ASK demodulators
      • I2 C interface
      • Thermal protection
      • CSP 3.97×2.67 mm, 400 μm pitch 52 balls
    • STEVAL-ISB044V1 is the relative evaboard.

  • STWBC-EP – The STWBC-EP is the digital controller for the wireless battery charger (WBC) transmitters (TX) from STMicroelectronics optimized for Extended Power Profile (EPP) Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.2 certified applications up to 15 W.
    It offers the most flexible and efficient solution for controlling the power transfer to a receiver (RX) in WBC-enabled applications such as smartphones, tablets and other battery-powered devices that use the electromagnetic induction for recharging.

    • Key Features
      • Digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitter
      • 15 W single coil inductive transmitters optimized for:
      • Cell phones and smartphones
      • Tablets and phablets
      • Charging accessories
      • Support for Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.2 EPP 15 W certified applications
      • Backward compatible with 5 W WPC 1.1 applications
      • Support for half bridge topology with DC/DC
      • VIN range: 3 V to 5.5 V
      • Supports USB Vin
      • Active presence detector
      • Foreign object detection
      • Q-factor measurement
      • Parametric customization via GUI
      • Turnkey firmware solution
      • Peripherals
        • 10-bit ADC
        • UART interface
        • I2 C master fast/slow speed rate
        • GPIOs
      • Memory
        • Flash and EEPROM with read-while-write (RWW) and Error Correction Code (ECC)
        • Program memory: 32-Kbyte Flash; data retention: 20 years at 55 °C after 1000 cycles at 55 °C
        • Data memory: 1 Kbyte true data EEPROM; data retention: 20 years at 55 °C after 1000 cycles at 85 °C
        • RAM: 6 Kbytes
      • Transmitter reference design:
        • WPC Qi 1.2.3 certified
        • MP-A10 single coil 15 W topology
        • Evaluation board order code: STEVAL-ISB044V1
        • 2-layer PCBs
        • Active object detection
        • Graphical User Interface for application monitoring
      • Operating temperature: -40 °C up to 105 °C
      • Package: VFQFPN32 – 5 x 5mm
    • STEVAL-ISB044V1 is the relative evaboard.