Some info concerning FrSky Receiver

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FrSky receivers are very popular in drone control.
There are a loot of version that are identified by a letters that are:

  • V version – no telemetry and max 8ch
  • D version – with telemetry and max 8ch
  • X version – with telemetry and max 10ch
  • XM version – it’s similar to X version but more small

Normally in the specification of FrSky receiver you must find the extra specification that are:

  • LR (Long Range) – means 3 Km
  • FR (Full Range) – means around 1,5 Km
  • HR (Half Range) – means around 0,6 Km

If you leave in EU community its a must that your RTX is compliant to the LBT (listen before transmit) specification.
ATTENTION because on BangGood up to now (December 2018) are not present the FrSky that are compliant with the LBT specification.
Of course it’s is only a release of the SW mounted on the RTX so it’s possible change it but is not easy.

The FrSky RTX are available with different output that are:

  • PWM – for RC motor
  • NO_PWM
  • SBUS – is a bus that transfer the command to the actuator/sensor using a fast simple bus.

Below some RC motors

There are the possibility to buy a bundle where inside there is a radio controller and a receiver. My favorite bundle is the:
FlySky i6 FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter Mode 2 With FS A8S 8CH Mini Receiver