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STM8S-DISCOVERY is a tool for evaluating the STM8S family that include emulator an area where is mounted an STM8S105C6T6, with a LED and a touch button operated by STM8S, look at the photo below.
It is also possible divide the emulator from area of STM8S105C6T6.
If you divide the board you get a real time emulator at very low price.


  • PCB and Connectors of STM8S-Discoveri, click here (pdf).
  • STM8S-Discovery emulator SWIM pins, click here (pdf)
  • Tutorial that explains how to start developing on STM8S with two examples for SILICA STM8S-EvaBoard already developed plus schematics etc, is here

The nice thing is that the STM for STM8 family gives us the libraries in C to manage all the peripherals of STM8.
In the package of the libraries there are also included dozens of examples concerning the use of all the STM8 peripherals.