How to update the ST-LINK FW under Windows

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The ST-LINK-xxx is the emulator present on all:
STM32 EvaBoard, NUCLEO boards and Discovery boards.
ST-LINK is also available stand-alone and the name is ST-LINK_v2.

For update the FW present on ST-LINK emulator you must have installed the SW listed below.

Now run the STLINK UTILITY, see below.

Now do the steps enumerate below.

From the window that appear select: DEVICE CONNECT
See below.
On some very old ST-LINK or evaboard, may be possible that the PC show a message like:
Reconnect your ST-LINK or ST-LINK not connect
No panic, disconnect your ST-LINK or evaboard, wait 5 seconds and reconnect it.
Now it’s OK and you can continue to update.

You must see something like below.
For update the SW press on: YES >>>>

That it’s all, good work.