Compatibility between wireless 433MHz and WiFi (2.4GHz) objects purchased on the Internet

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In the image above there are some 433Mhz object that we are tested to check compatibility between them.
Also there are some WiFi objects, compatibles with Smart Life and Alexa app.
Below there is the list of tested objects we checked for control the real compatibility.

  1. Sonoff RF Bridge – 433 MHz to 2.4 GHz for Smart Home applications. It’s work also with Amazon Alexa e Google Home. -> BangGoodAmazon
  2. eMylo® AC 220V…240Vac, 1000W, 1 channel Remote Control switch at 433MHz -> Amazon
  3. HiKam PIR Wireless Infrared Detector for Internal and external use ( -20°C to +50°C ) . -> Amazon
  4. Wireless Wifi and 433MHz Switch. Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home -> BangGoodAmazon
  5. NEO – Kekeda 1PSC WiFi smart door/window sensor – SMART LIFE & ALEXA compatible app. -> Amazon

Using the objects shown above we realized this application: How to show on your smartphone the status of your home burglar alarm