Audio SW packages for STM32

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Below you can find this audio packages:


Third parts


FP-AUD-SMARTMIC1 is a STM32Cube function pack for MEMS microphone acquisition, advanced audio processing and audio output.
The function pack is built on STM32Cube software technology to ease portability across different STM32 microcontrollers and contain the functionality shown in the image below.

This sample implementation supports two kits, see below.

Key Features

  • Software expansions for STM32Cube:
    • AcousticBF real-time beam forming
    • AcousticEC real-time acoustic echo cancellation
    • AcousticSL real-time sound source localization
  • Complete application including all the acoustic functions in a single sample application
  • Software graphic user interface to easily control parameters and algorithms from a host PC
  • Free, user-friendly license terms
  • Sample implementation available on a NUCLEO-F446RE development board when connected to an X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 and an X-NUCLEO-CCA02M2 expansion board
  • Sample implementation available on the BlueCoin starter kit (STEVAL-BCNKT01V1)


X-CUBE-OPUS expansion software package for STM32Cube runs on different STM32 MCU families and includes a firmware example that allows to easily configure and profile Opus encoder and decoder.

In the package there is examples ready to use for the: P-NUCLEO-WB55, NUCLEO-F413ZH, NUCLEO-H743ZI, NUCLEO-F746ZG, NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q
See below

Key Features

  • Complete tool to evaluate and profile the advanced Opus audio codec with each possible configuration on different STM32 MCU families (ARM Cortex-M4, M7, M33)
  • Firmware example that shows how to use and integrate Opus on different STM32 MCU families
  • Sample application (compatible with Python 3.7) that allows to configure Opus, send audio data to STM32 Nucleo development boards and receive profiling results
  • Third-party Opus v1.3.1 (downloadable from an open, royalty-free and highly versatile audio codec that is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716
  • Custom serial protocol to allow easy communication between the STM32 Nucleo development board and the Host using dedicated commands
  • Sample implementation available on NUCLEO-F413ZH, NUCLEO-H743ZI, NUCLEO-F746ZG, NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q or P-NUCLEO-WB55 development boards
  • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
  • Free, user-friendly license terms


Speex is a free audio codec which provides high level of compression with good sound quality for encoding and decoding.
For more info see this dedicated page.


For STM32 Alexa Voice Services (AVS) solution see this dedicated page.