Creating a BTLE star network connected via Wi-Fi to IBM Bluemix cloud

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The basic KIT


The KIT is formed using the boards below, read this doc.

nucleo-f401re x-nucleo-idb05a1 modulowifi  accel-x-nucleo-iks01a1

FP-NET-BLESTAR1 is an STM32 ODE function pack which provides application-layer bridging between a Bluetooth LE network and a Wi-Fi network.
Sensor data from a device in the Bluetooth LE network can be transparently sent to the IBM Bluemix cloud platform and visualized on a client connected to the cloud.

The included sample application configures the STM32 Nucleo board equipped with the Wi-Fi and BlueNRG expansion boards as a BLE master connected to several BLE peripherals, or nodes, in a star network topology.
The STM32 Nucleo board can simultaneously connect to a Wi-Fi network and export data from other nodes to the IBM Bluemix cloud platform.
The BLE master also acts as a slave by accepting connection with a BLE client (typically an Android™/iOS™ device) which can be used to monitor and control the BLE network.

The software runs on the STM32 microcontroller and includes drivers to exploit the functionality of the X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 Bluetooth low energy expansion board based on the SPBTLE-RF module, and the X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 Wi-Fi expansion board based on the SPWF01SA module.

The software comes with examples for creating a BLE network and controlling all devices belonging to the network via IBM Bluemix cloud services.