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STM8CubeMX is a graphical tool that allows configuring STM8 microcontrollers very easily and generating the corresponding configuration reports.

Step one consists in selecting the STMicroelectronics STM8 microcontroller that matches the required set of peripherals, or in choosing a target board.

The user can then configure the microcontroller thanks to a pinout-conflict solver, a clock-tree setting helper and a power-consumption calculator.

Finally, the user launches the report generation utility.

Key Features

  • Intuitive STM8 microcontroller selection
  • Microcontroller graphical configuration:
    • Pinout with automatic conflict resolution
    • Clock tree with dynamic configuration validation
    • Power sequence with estimate of consumption results
  • Configuration report generation
  • Available as a standalone software running on Windows®, Linux® and OS X® operating systems (OS X® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries)

STM for STM8 family gives us the libraries in C to manage all the peripherals of STM8.
In the package of the libraries there are also included dozens of examples concerning the use of all the STM8 peripherals.
See this tutorial.