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Functional safety package for STM8AF microcontrollers in systems implementing safety functions up to ISO 26262 automotive safety integrity level ASIL A/B

The automotive STM8 8-bit MCUs include the mainstream STM8AF Series and ultra-low-power STM8AL Series.
Based on STMicroelectronics Quality foundations, STM8AF product portfolio, and STM8AF embedded safety features, the STM8A-SafeASIL functional safety package helps users to market safety-critical STM8AF-based systems quickly, targeting the automotive safety integrity level standard ISO 26262 safety integrity level (ASIL A/B).

Key Features

  • MCU safety manual
    • Detailed list of safety requirements (assumptions of use) and examples to guide end users to use STM8 8-bit MCUs in systems implementing safety functions compliant to ISO 26262 and up to ASIL B
  • FMEA / FMEDA document
    • FMEA: detailed list of MCU failure modes and related mitigation measures to be adopted (qualitative analysis)
    • FMEDA: static snapshot reporting failure rates compliant to ISO 26262, computed at both MCU and basic function levels of detail
  • Specification document for self-test library
    • List of detailed safety requirements enabling STM8AF Series users to realize, in the framework of their ISO 26262-compliant software development process, the software self-test library required by the STM8AF safety manual to address CPU permanent failures
    • The quality and detail level of the specification enables its direct use in a development process compliant to ISO 26262-6 requirements
    • Includes the evidences and rationales behind the generation of the safety requirements for the completeness of end-user safety case
    • Application independent: can be used in potentially any end-user application

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