MEMS Microphones

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MEMS microphones target all audio applications where small size, high sound quality, reliability and affordability are key requirements. Based on Omron’s sensor technology, our microphones meet price points set by the traditional electret condenser microphones (ECM), while featuring superior reliability and robustness.

STM’s MEMS mics are designed in industry-unique, innovative plastic packaging that offers slimmer form factors, and outperforms traditional metallic lid devices in durability. Both analog- and digital-input top and bottom port solutions are available.

Their best-in-class SNR makes STM’s MEMS microphones suitable for applications beyond typical consumer applications, such as phonometers and sound-level meters that require a high dynamic range.

STM’s MEMS microphones perfectly pair with our latest generation Sound Terminal® audio processing devices that feature a dedicated built-in interface for direct connection of a MEMS microphone, saving part count and cost.

Evaluation Boards

  • The general purpose evaluation boards are here.

  • BlueVoice voice streaming over BTLE
  • See this video
    • For see the SW/HW available, start from the links below.
      • BLUEVOICELINK1    – Audio ICs Software – Bluetooth Low Energy and microphones software expansion for STM32Cube
      • OSXBLUEVOICE – Audio ICs Software – Voice-over-Bluetooth Low Energy vendor-specific profile library for STM32 and BlueNRG
  • BlueCoin – BTLE + MEMs for audio

    STEVAL-BCNKT01V1 evaboard, cooming soon.
    See this presentation.

  • STM32F746G-DISCO include also two MP34DT01 microphones.

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  • DigitalMic Using STM32L0
    This is a simple project to create a low cost digital MIC for a PC. After doing few videos using an Analog MIC, I always had problems with noise. The Digital ones that you can buy on the web, are quite expensive, and I couldn’t test them before you buy them. So, I have built one to my needs, using low cost part from ST.


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