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The STM8L-Discovery, based on the STM8L152C6T6, is a quick-start evaluation board for 8-bit ultra-low-power MCUs.
It is the cheapest and quickest way to discover the STM8L, to program and use the device, and to build and debug applications.
It includes the embedded debugger ST-LINK and an IDD consumption measurement feature which helps you to discover the ultra-low-power efficiency.
Connect the STM8L-Discovery into a PC through a USB cable, and run the proposed example.
Using the debugger you can check the real-time execution code.
Numerous applications are available in order to learn, reuse and modify codes for a fast time to proof-of-concept or demonstration.
It will satisfy hobbyists, developers, students and support teams.
Based on examples, you will find STM8L-Discovery indispensable.

  • Click Here to get: Developing, running and debugging your STM8L-Discovery application code (pdf)
  • STSW-STM8008 – MCUs Embedded Software    Developing and debugging your STM8L-DISCOVERY application code (UM0991)
  • STSW-STM8009 – MCUs Embedded Software    Introduction to STM8L15x power saving modes using the STM8L-DISCOVERY IDD measurement feature (AN3269)
  • STSW-STM8010 – MCUs Embedded Software    Building a wave generator using STM8L-DISCOVERY (AN3252)
  • STSW-STM8070 – MCUs Embedded Software    STM8L-DISCOVERY – temperature sensor example