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The STM HW kit proposed for the IO-Link is:
STM32 + L6360 or L6362A

STM32 IO-Link demonstration SW is here.
This kit includes a complete firmware release for STEVAL-IDP004V1 (IO-Link master multi-port evaluation board based on L6360 and STM32F205RB) and STEVAL-IDP003V1 (IO-Link industrial modular sensor board based on L6362A and STM32L071) evaluation boards to facilitate system management in terms of configuration, data exchange and processing.
It is based on the STM32CubeHAL library and uses the powerful STM32CubeMX tool to configure the microcontroller and update the created workspace without data loss.

The third party suggested for the SW is the TeConcept.
TeConcept brochure regarding IO_Link Master Stack is here.

Partner Products suggested from STM are here.

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