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The old information regarding STM BLE components and module are here.

STM BLE reference

See here.

BT technology

Up to now there are different release of BT, for example there is the Classic BT v2.1, v3.0 and there is the new BTLE v.4.x
For see the differences from the different release of BT see here and here.
Here I want to highlight the differences from BT, BLE Smart Ready, BLE Smart, etc (see below).

Very important is that with the BTLE is not necessary use the Apple Crypto Chip for release the APP for iOS.

Quick indicator of the performances, certifications, etc, regarding the STM BlueNRG families.

Module & order code __________

Module Evaluation boards

See here the BLE module presentation.

COMPONENTs __________

  • STM BLE reference page is here.
  • BlueNRG-LP (Programmable Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless SoC – compliant with Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG core specification version 5.2) reference page is here and the mkt presentation is here.

    BlueNRG-LP evaluation kit:

    • QFN48 > STEVAL-IDB011V1 (orderable)
    • WCSP49 > STEVAL-IDB010V1 (available end Q2/21)

  • The STM BlueNRG-2 (BLE 5.0) reference page is here.
  • BlueNRG-2N is an ultra low power (ULP) network coprocessor solution for Bluetooth® 5.0 low energy applications.

Component – Evaluation boards

Component – Evaluation Tool Software


Embedded Software _______

  • X-CUBE-BLE2 – Expansion software package for STM32Cube runs on the STM32 and includes drivers for BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low energy device.
    The software comes with sample implementations of the drivers running on the X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1 when connected to a NUCLEO-L476RG board.
    Thanks to STM32cube or STM32cubeIDE is possible transfer the example on other STM32 familyes
  • FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 – STM32Cube function pack for IoT node with BLE Mesh connectivity and sensor model
  • X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 – Mesh over Bluetooth low energy software expansion for STM32Cube
  • ST BLE Mesh – BLE Mesh application for Android and iOS
  • STSW-BLUENRG1-DK – evaluation SW package is based on the BlueNRG-1 and BlueNRG-2
  • STSW-BLUETILE-DK – evaluation SW package for the BlueNRG-1 and BlueNRG-2

BlueNRG Consumption Estimation Tools

Other BLE evaluation boards

  • MEMSPredictive Maintenance using an Intelligent Logging Kit for IoT applications (uSD, USB, BLE, WiFi)
  • STEVAL-BCN002V1 – Bluetooth LE sensor node development kit, based on BlueNRG-2 (compliant with Bluetooth 5.0)