Osram Smart+ (LED bulb Zigbee) & Home Assistant

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For integrate the Led bulb OSRAM Smart+ in Home Assistant is necessary an ZigBee bridge, in this explanation we use ConBee II plugged to the Raspberry where there is installed the Home Assistance

How to install Home Assistant and ConBee II on Raspberry

  • Explanation: How to install Home Assistant on Raspberry is here.
  • Explanation: How to install the ConBee II in Home Assistant is here.

How to link Led bulb OSRAM Smart+ in Home Assistant via ConBee II

  • PowerUp the Led bulb OSRAM Smart+, the bulb must be lighting
  • From Home Assistant select deCONZ -> Phoscon
  • From the page that appear (Create First Group) chose CLOSE, the X symbol on top of right
  • From the new page that appear select the 3 horizontal line on top left and select Light and chose ADD NEW LIGHTS, see below
  • At this point a scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page, after about ten seconds turn the bulb off and on, the new bulb will be identified almost immediately and it will appear in the list of bulbs. That it’s all.

How to Show the bulb in Home Assistant OVERVIEW page (main page)

From the Home Assistant OVERVIEW page, click on the 3 dots at the top right and then on EDIT DASHBOARD, see below

From the menu that appears, choose:

Select LIGHT and in the Entity field select your bulb and save your configuration, see below.

If you want to try to group your lamps use the ENTITIES option, that’s it.


Bulbs controlled via ZigBee, but generally also via WiFi, turn on automatically when are powered on and stay on until they receive a shutdown command.
This operating mode can be very inconvenient in the event of a power failure (220vac or 110vac) because we would find them turned on when back the power.
To avoid this problem, you can create an automation that:
* keeps the lamps off during the day (see the example below)
* turns off the lamps at certain times during the day

Below there is the automation that keep the lamps off during the day