MEMS & Sensors

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Sensors & MEMS overview Distribution EMEA 09-2020 is here

STM’s sensor portfolio includes MEMS, sensor hubs, environmental and temperature sensors, microphones, touch and proximity sensors.

ST Sensors Finder – for find fast the STM sensors products, is available for ANDROID and IOS.

MEMS and Sensors Quick reference guide is here.


Evaluation boards

    • MEMS general purpose eveboards are here
    • STEVAL-STWINKT1 – Industrial (10 years longevity) STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node development kit and reference design for industrial IoT applications
    • SensorTile
    • WESU1
    • BlueCoin

Sample Kits

Software tools

    • Sensor Fusion SW is here
    • AlgoBuilder is a graphical design application to build and use algorithms.