STemWIN – Tools

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STemWIN is a free version of SEGGER emWIN ONE.
This library is a professional graphical stack library, enabling the building up of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with any STM32, any LCD/TFT display and any LCD/TFT controller, taking advantage of STM32 hardware accelerations whenever possible.

  • Key Features
    • Rich set of widgets (buttons, checkboxes, calendars, gauges, …)
    • Window and overlap manager
    • Full set of Development tools: GUIBuilder to create screens, Font converter, simulator, …
    • Free professional graphical stack library available in binary form
    • Memory-sparing features (memory pool, per band screen creation, refresh only changed portions, …)
    • Able to handle many kinds of displays with optimized mechanisms
    • Alpha blending, Antialiasing, Cursors
    • VNC server to display remotely the display via VNC protocol (based on TCP/IP)
    • Raw graphical renderer (Pixels, Shapes, Fonts, …)

Download the STemWIN package and unzip it.

  • GUI Builder
    • In the folder:
      there is the:
      allow to create a layout from the STemWin widgets
      and generates a “resource array” into a .C file (WindowDLG.c)

  • Create/Edit an Image
    • In the folder:
      there is:
      allow to create or convert images to different color formats and store them as C files

    • There are also the files below:
      BmpCvt.exe can be used for bitmap conversion and storage to .c files
      Bin2c.exe can be used to store any binary in .c form, e.g. complete bitmap files
  • Font Editor
    • In the folder:
      there is:
      Install it on the PC.
      After the installation you have the:
      The FontCvt allow to:
      Create fonts from any windows font
      Manage the number of characters so that you save only those you
      need → save ROM
      • Export as .c files

  • For more info see the: