SPC5-STUDIO – free tools for develop on the SPC5 families

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SPC5-STUDIO – Code Generator, Quick resources configurator and Eclipse development environment for SPC5 MCUs

  • Key Features
    • OpenSource Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on ECLIPSE with a completely new look and feel.
    • Code, Makefiles, ELF, and Doc Generation based on a template structure and XML technologies easy exportable to other development environment.
    • Full MISRA 2012 compliant Register Level Access (RLA) low level drivers.
      MISRA 2012 checking for customer code.
    • Visual and easy to use MCU’s Pins configuration perfectly aligned with the reference manual.
    • Visual MCU run modes and full clock tree configuration with automatic constraints checking.
    • Open source RTOS: FreeRTOS.
    • Software Examples for Discovery kits and premium evaluation boards covering most used peripherals.
    • Direct access to PLS debugging UDE starter kit version software.
    • Updates managed through an eclipse standard dedicated market place.
    • Free License GCC GNU C Compiler component provided throught market place.
    • Full GHS (Green Hills Software) compiler toolchain integration.
    • Professional GNU “C” Compiler available from HighTec EDV-System (licensed).


The Community of SPC5 is here

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