SPC5 Introduction

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ST’s SPC5 32-bit microcontrollers are designed using industry’s standard Power Architecture® and ST’s proprietary embedded Flash technology.
The OnLine Slector is here.

The SPC5 family of 32-bit Automotive Microcontrollers is designed to accommodate a wide range of automotive applications ranging from Gateways, Electro Mobility, and ADAS to Engine and Transmission control, Body, Chassis and Safety.
Based on a Power PC Architecture, SPC5 microcontrollers provide up to 3 cores operating at up to 200 MHz and with a 165 °C junction temperature.

Designed to comply with Automotive AEC-Q100 standards, SPC5 microcontrollers deliver:

  • Longevity: 15 years guaranteed
  • Safety: Up to ASIL-D
  • Security: Secure key storage with hardware acceleration (HSM), Evita and SHE compliant.
  • Operating temperature: full operation guaranteed from -40 to 165 °C (TJ)
  • Data integrity: up to 10 Mbytes of Flash memory with ECC, 250 Kcycles endurance and high-temperature data retention
  • Communication: CAN-FD, Ethernet, LIN, DSPI, and FlexRay.

They combine a scalable range of single, dual and multi-core solutions (Power Architecture e200z0 to e200z4) with innovative peripheral sets that are optimized for car applications, such as engine management, chassis, safety, body control, Cyber Security, advanced driver assistance, and for all applications requiring long-term reliability.

Mkt presentation of SPC5 (October 2020) is here.

SPC5-STUDIO is a free tools for develop on the SPC5 families


For more info regarding SPC5 Studio see here.

SPC5 MCUs for Interior, Networking and Low Power Applications


SPC5 MCUs for Safety Critical Applications and Motor Control


SPC5 MCUs for High Performance Applications


Cyber Security

For match the requirements of the Cyber Security level 4 is necessary the HSM peripheral, for example see the SPC584B linee (Chorus family) plus a Secure Element (see the ST33 family) on the Internet connection.
The ST33 guarantees protections from the SW side attack and the HW physical attack.
I remember also that to use the security you must also have a specific SW that either develops the customer or buys it from a third party or from ST.
The security SW version of STM is the most economical because STM sells it in association with the micro, while for SW house it is their core product. For this SW, please contact directly STM.

A basic kit for test/development on SPC5 is:
SPC5-Studio (IDE and Compiler) + SPC5-UDESTK (Emulator) + SPC5x-Discovery (EvaBoard)

SEL-SPC5 – 32-bit Automotive MCUs Smart Selector is here