How to update the FW on NUCLEO boards

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Before to use a NUCLEO board is mandatory to check the FW present on the board and if it is necessary, update it.

  • First you must install on your PC the STLINK-UTILITY.
  • Second open STLINK-UTILITY and select:
    • ST-LINK -> Firmware update (see below)

    • From the new page that appear select: Device Connect (see below).
      If after 3 seconds don’t happen nothing, remove the usb cable of your NUCLEO from the PC, wait 3 seconds and reconnect it to the PC and press again on Device Connect button.

    • In the case upstair the FW is up to date so is not necessary update it.
      If the FW of your NUCLEO request to be updated press: YES >>>>
      and in few second you must see the image below.
      This means that your FW on NUCLEO is up to date.