STM32 Introduction

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The STM32 family of 32‑bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®‑M processor is designed to offer new degrees of freedom to MCU users. It offers a 32‑bit product range that combines very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low‑power, low‑voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

The unparalleled and large range of STM32 devices, based on an industry-standard core and accompanied by a vast choice of tools and software, makes this family of products the ideal choice, both for small projects and for entire platform decisions.

STM32F7 & STM32H7, very high performance MCU + TFT controller – Cortex M7 at 216 & 400 MHz
STM32F4, high performance general-purpose MCU + TFT controller – Cortex M4 at 80…180 MHz
STM32F3, for analog applications MCU – Cortex M4 at 72 MHz
STM32F1 & STM32F2, general-purpose MCU – Cortex M3 at 72 & 120 MHz
STM32F0, general-purpose MCU – Cortex M0 at 48 MHz
ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU – Cortex M33 at 110 MHz
STM32L4+, ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU – Cortex M4 at 120 MHz
STM32L4, ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU – Cortex M4 at 80 MHz
STM32L1, ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU – Cortex M3 at 32 MHz
STM32L0, ultra-low-power EnergyLite™ MCU – Cortex M0+ at 32 MHz
, Cortex M0+ series at 65 MHz – It sets a new definition of what an efficient microcontroller must offer.
, Cortex M4 series at 170 MHz for mixed-signal applications (including the mathematical accelerator, CORDIC and FMAC)
STM32WB, dual-core, multi-protocol wireless MCU – IEEE 802.15.4 + ZigBee® + Bluetooth™ 5.x + Thread + etc
, Cortex M4 series at 48 MHz it’s a Long-Range wireless Sub-GHz mcu (LoRa ® , (G)FSK, (G)MSK and BPSK)

The mcus, in magenta color, has an internal cache, this means ZERO wait state to access to the internal Flash.

See this video for a general introduction regarding STM32 family.

  • Production programming solutions for STM32 are here