STemWIN – graphics demo for STM32F746G-DISCO and ATOLLIC that turn on/off also a LED

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This demo is based on STemWIN enclosed in this example.
The STemWIN is a free version for STM32 family derived from SEGGER emWIN.
This demo is for ATOLLIC v.9.3.

When you turn on/off the bulb on the display, also the green led, LD1 is turn on/off.
LD1 is near the RESET BUTTON, on the back of the board.

This demo is derived from:
STemWIN – graphics demo for STM32F746G-DISCO and AC

All is done in the file: Screen1DLG.c
that is located in the SRC directory.
See the #ifdef STEP_5 area that start at line n.397

#ifdef STEP_5
case WM_PAINT:
    GUI_DrawBitmap(&bmbackground, 0, 0);/*draw background*/
    GUI_DrawBitmap(&bmboard, -7, 64);   /*draw board*/

    /*check  if the bulb will be drawn as on or off*/
    if (onoff == 1)
        GUI_DrawBitmap(&bmbulb_on, 329, 74);    /*draw bulb_on*/
        HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOI, GPIO_PIN_1, 1);
        GUI_DrawBitmap(&bmbulb_off, 329, 74);   /*draw bulb_off*/
        HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOI, GPIO_PIN_1, 0);

    GUI_SetAlpha(191);              /*set transparency 75% = 255(100%)-64(25%)*/
    GUI_SetColor(GUI_BLACK);        /*set pen colour to black*/
    GUI_FillRect(0, 223, 480, 272); /*draw rectangle for the bottom buttons*/
    GUI_FillRect(207, 95, 271, 159);/*draw rectangle for power button*/
    GUI_SetAlpha(0);                /*no transparency*/

How to get the SW for this project

Please send us an email and ask us the password for: ATO-STemWIN-Led
Please specify also your name, country and your city, this are only for our personal statistics.
Get the SW clicking here, but remember to ask us the password for open it


  • For import ZIP file in ATOLLIC see this tutorial.
  • The ready to use .bin file is here.