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IAR  Simulator & STM32F0
Cesar cfg in STM32 MCUs
Hello,   I have made a code that initialize a timer of an STM32F0 to tick every 1 ms and generate an update interrupt , and i want to test if my code work correctly My questions:   1- The IAR startup file should be Added to my project ?
2- What is the right config to be done to simulate my code ?
3- The interrupt simulation should be Read More

Problems with ADC interrupt
Keyshav Mor in STM32 MCUs
I am trying to generate an instantaneous PWM signal using ADC Single channel interrupt on stm32f103rbt6 nucleo board.
I want to vary the speed of the dc motor using the instantaneous adc interrupt. But I am getting latency in my code, which is right now trying to just start and stop the motor on adc interrupt. Can anyone please help me?
Here is Read More

Corrected clock setting from CUBE-MX ?
Md Mubdiul Hasan in STM32 MCUs
Hello Everyone,   I look forward to whom who knows Cubemx well in this community,   In my generated cubemx, for GPIO initialization the code says,
static void MX_GPIO_Init(void)
{ GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStruct; /* GPIO Ports Clock Enable */ __HAL_RCC_GPIOC_CLK_ENABLE();
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FreeRTOS + TCP and FAT Library Problem
Ghada Dhibi in STM32 MCUs
Hi,    I’am working with STM32L4 microcontroler including SDCard and WIFI module.    I’am trying to implement FreeRTOS tasks to:
Connect to an FTP server View the contents of the SD Card under the FTP server.
As mentionned on FreeRTOS website, FreeRTOS provides a new library, which allow us to use FreeRTOS+TCP and FreeRTOS+FTP, as …Read More

STM32L4 : can’t read global variables
David PICARD in STM32 MCUs
I’m trying to blink a LED on a Nucleo-L476 with CubeMX and ST’s HAL. It worked perfectly on Windows (System Workbench).
Now, I’m trying to do the same on Linux with CubeMX and Qt Createor (my favorite IDE) and OpenOCD.
I am now able to compile and debug the target. However, the program crashes during HAL initialization.
More precisely, when it Read More

Does the STM32F103C8 have an I2C monitor feature ?
Arno in STM32 MCUs Forum
I want to implement a USB to I2C adapter. Since the STM32F103C8 has two I2C interfaces and a USB interface, it seems to be a suitable candidate.
One of the features I’m looking for is a Monitor mode. Goal is to send all events and data going over the bus to a PC.
Can I configure the I2C peripheral to do such a thing? (Receive all data, but Read More

STM32F103 option byte PGERR
Jeroen3 in STM32 MCUs
I’m trying to write the option bytes, but I get PGERR or Imprecise data bus error.
Here is some psuedo code that is what is happening.
The HAL also does this, that’s why I started from scratch using the programming manual. But to no avail. …
HSI is ON. Prefetch if off…
two wait states
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STM32 Cube
hite.john in STM32 MCUs
Under Project > Settings Advanced Settings in the Drive Selector section for IP Name I see SPI, USART, etc. Under Driver the choice is HAL and cannot be changed.
How does one change that selection to another choice or none ?
Thanks, JH Read More

Timer interrupt
mohammad arabloo in STM32 MCUs
hi I have a stm32f4 discovery board and i use stm32 cube.
I want to create a 400ns interrupt but it doesn’t less than 2.5us.
My initialization are:
TimHandle.Init.Period = 1;
TimHandle.Init.Prescaler = 0;
TimHandle.Init.ClockDivision = 0;
can you help me? thank you Read More

STM32H7 cube
mulcock.andrew in STM32 MCUs
Would like to check out the STM32H7 chips.
See if they can do the combination of functions we want,  On the F7, we used the cube software,  but H7 not supported ( yet ) in the cube.
Any thoughts / idea when the cube will support the STM32H7 if they are really around in the next 6 months, we have to get on with board design Read More

STM32 chips with native ModBus support
Lukasz Przenioslo in STM32 MCUs
Hello there, Is there any list of STM32 devices with native ModBus support ?
I am trying to find a proper mcu and I have to open each datasheet by hand and ctrl+F for modbus.
There has to be a better way.
So far I have figured out that only the newer devices have it (ie. F0 and F7).
I need something in between with modbus support.
I would Read More

UART only one byte received
esam Alzqhoul in STM32 MCUs
Hi Guys, I am transmitting two bytes between two nucleo boards on uart1 and only receiving one byte (one charachter) ? what could be the problem   HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1,(uint8_t *)data3,5,10);
void MX_USART1_UART_Init(void)
{ huart1.Instance = USART1; huart1.Init.BaudRate = 9600; huart1.Init.WordLength = UART_WORDLENGTH_8B;
Read More

Sending float32 with UART
Tom G in STM32 MCUs
Hi there, recently I was making acustic spectrometer using STM32F4-Discover.
In my project im making FFT with “arm_math” libraries and then I need to send data to PC (with which I’ll display it) via UART.
After making FFT  I recieve array of float32_t I need to send it via UART and here comes my question – how do I send them via UART. I’ve Read More

STM32F3 UART DMA problem
minthemerciless in STM32 MCUs
Hi, I am working  on an application on an STM32F303RET6 on a nucleo board.
I am struggling to get DMA working on USART1 Rx.
I can successfully enable the USART port and it works correctly with the receive interrupt but once I enable the DMA it no longer works.
I did have this code working on a STM32F103 nucleo board before but can’t for the
Read More

Interupt responstime issue stm32f429 vs stm32f767
Hans Tillema in STM32 MCUs
I’am use for a project the stm32f429.
The interrupt handler must react so soon as possible.
The stm32f429 interrupt responstime is 218ns.
It’s  fast but not fast enough. I decided to make a new design with the stm32f767 running at 216 mhz.
With the same configuration as the stm32f429 running at 180mhz
This configruation is generated with Read More

Micro only starts with debugger or nRST manually pulled low
kpnz in STM32 MCUs
I am using the STM32F469 on three devices.
One device works fine and starts normally after the power is applied.
The other two only start operating after the nRST pin is briefing pulled low.
There is 3.3V on nRST after powering it up, indicating the power on reset is ok, but the micro fails to start running.
Attaching the STM debugger and Read More

STM32F4x9 FMC Speed Issues
lampii in STM32 MCUs
So I finally got my IL9325 TFT display running via FMC but it is running much slower than I expected.
The SPI based displays on arduinos seem to be performing better than this parallel setup.
I measured my data pulse width to be around 20us. Is this the limit of the FMC(settings below)?
I am running my clock at 168Mhz, HSE=24Mhz M = 12, N = 168 , Read More

STM32f4 discovery mems microphone over i2s cant get it running
Jan Slavotínek in STM32 MCUs
Hi community!    Jan Here, Cezch Republic.
I am working on my project where i need to process audio for further uses.
My first step is obviously get my data from mic.
I have decided to use the MP45DT02 MEMS mic that is present on my stm32f4 discovery board.
I have already successfully got working example (Audio_playback_and_record).
I used Read More

Confusion about the Crystal on Nucleo_F7xxx boards
Kristof Mulier in STM32 MCUs
The Nucleo_F767ZI board has 4 crystals onboard: X1:     8 MHz      connected to the JTAG-chip on the STLink X2:     32 kHz    connected to STM32F767ZI for real time clock X3:     Not soldered X4:     25 MHz    connected to STM32F767ZI for HSE input clock From this information, it is only logical to conclude that the 25 MHz crystal is …Read More

STM32F103 – PB3 just doesn’t work as GPIO
reh.tilmann in STM32 MCUs
Hello, did anyone ever manage to get PB3 working as an I/O port on an STM32F103?
I am having a hard time with the F103VB where I need PB3 as input – no matter what I try, PB3 simply is returning a 0 value.
AFIO->MAPR is set to SWD debug only, JTAG off (and AFIO clock is on, of course).
I also explicitly set DBGMCU_CR to turn TRACE off, Read More

STM32F4 DMA1 stream3 I2S2 interference with USB ?
Jan Slavotínek in STM32 MCUs
Hi guys!  I will try to describe my problem conditions as thoroughly as i can.
Thank you very much for reading through!
I need to implement similar project like stm’s example on audio receive from microphone (audio playback and record).
So i have setted up and implemented my own project with the same settings. (previously i made fully Read More

Using Eclipse and GCC & STM32F07x, codes compiled, downloaded but does not work
vu.andy in STM32 MCUs
I was using Eclipse and GCC for the STM32F07x device.
The codes come from the STMCube F0 GPIO examples.
Everything was compiled.  I then use ST-Link utility to download the .hex file.
I verified that the codes downloaded correctly to the uC memory, but the codes do not seem to work.
Does anybody know where I can start trouble shoot the Read More