STM32H7xx – very high performance – Cortex M7

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STM32H7 series of very high-performance MCUs with ARM® Cortex®-M7 core with almost double the power efficiency of the Cortex-M4.

Taking advantage of an L1 cache, STM32H7 devices deliver the maximum theoretical performance of the Cortex-M7 core, regardless if code is executed from embedded Flash or external memory: 2010 CoreMark /856 DMIPS at 400 MHz fCPU.

It features a 6-stage superscalar pipeline with branch prediction and an optional floating-point (FPU) unit capable of single-precision and optionally double-precision operations.
The instruction and data buses have been enlarged to 64-bit wide over the previous 32-bit buses. If a core contains an FPU, it is known as a Cortex-M7F, otherwise it is a Cortex-M7. (from Wikypedia)

The highlights are:
•    Clock 400MHz
•    856 DMIPS
•    2010 CoreMark
•    DSP + double-precision FPU
•    ADC up to 14Bit
•    2MByte Flash e salirà ancora
•    1Mbyte RAM
•    278 µ/MHz typical @VDD = 3.3 V and 25 °C  in Run mode (peripherals off)
•    7 µA in Standby mode (low-power mode)
•    LCD and TFT controller
•    STM32H7 series is pin-to-pin compatible with the STM32F7 series for common packages
•    As peripherals there is everything and more

Thanks to 40 nm it is also decreased the consumption compared to the STM32F7 family (Cortex-M7 200MHz in 90nm technology), see below.


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