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LoRa is a wireless communication technology developed to create the low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications (see this short PDF).

LoRa is a spread-spectrum technology with a wider band (usually 125 kHz or more).
It’s frequency-modulated chirp utilizes coding gain for increased receiver sensitivity. (From: LinkLabs)

Key features of LoRa technology:
Long range: > 15 km/9mi range
Low-power: 5-10 year expected battery lifetime
Low-cost:  from end-node sensor cost to upfront infrastructure investment
Secure: with embedded end-to-end AES-128 encryption of data
Geolocation: enables indoor/outdoor tracking without GPS

LoRaWAN™ is a global LPWAN specification created by the LoRa Alliance™ to drive a single standard for seamless interoperability across the industry.
LoRa technology is ideally suited for the applications:

Smart Cities
Smart Home and Building
Smart Environment
Smart Metering
Smart Agriculture
Smart Industrial
Retail and Logistics

As a board member and sponsor of the LoRa Alliance, ST offers an affordable and easy-to-use set of hardware tools dedicated to the evaluation and development of LoRa solutions.
The STM32 Nucleo pack for LoRa™ technology and high-performance FSK/OOK RF transceiver modem (P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1) combined with the LoRaWAN software expansion package for STM32Cube (I-CUBE-LRWAN) is the quickest way to build a LoRaWAN end-node device.


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Devices Classes

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Evaluation Board

    The P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 STM32 Nucleo starter pack for LoRa® technology and high-performance (G)FSK/OOK/(G)MSK modulations is a development tool to learn and quickly develop low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solutions.
    The pack contains both an LPWAN end-node and its related gateway.
    It is compatible with various LoRaWAN® network server providers.
    P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 is intended for countries granting radio-communications access in frequency bands higher than 800 MHz.

    P-NUCLEO-LRWAN3 is same of the above but for 500MHz.
    I-CUBE-LRWAN – LoRaWAN software expansion for STM32Cube (UM2073)

  • P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 – The KIT for make a LoRaWAN™ node.
    This KIT contain two boards that are:

The software ready to use for mBED is here and the explanations are here.
Thank to mbed it is very easy to transfer this SW on other STM32.

  • B-L072Z-LRWAN1 – STM32L0 Discovery kit LoRa, low-power wireless

    The B-L072Z-LRWAN1 LoRa®Discovery kit is a development tool to learn and develop solutions based on LoRa®and FSK/OOK technologies.
    This Discovery kit features an all-in-one open module CMWX1ZZABZ-091 (by Murata).
    The module is powered by an STM32L072CZ and an SX1276 transceiver.
    The transceiver features the LoRa®long-range modem, providing ultra-long-range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity, minimizing current consumption.
    Since CMWX1ZZABZ-091 is an open module, user has access to all STM32L072 peripherals such as ADC, 16-bit timer, LP-UART, I2C, SPI and USB 2.0 FS (supporting BCD and LPM).
    The B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Discovery kit includes an ST-LINK/V2-1 embedded debug tool interface, LEDs, push-buttons, antenna, Arduino™Uno V3 connectors and USB OTG connector in Micro-B format.
    The LoRaWAN™stack is certified class A and C compliant.
    It is available in I-CUBE-LRWAN firmware package.
    Several examples, as an AT-command stack, Ping-Pong, etc, are available to help users setting up a complete LoRaWAN™node.

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