How to update the ST-LINK FW under Linux (Lubuntu)

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The ST-LINK is the emulator present on all:
STM32 EvaBoard, NUCLEO boards and Discovery boards.
ST-LINK is also available stand-alone and the name is ST-LINK_v2.

I know that some of developers prefer use LINUX system and for this reason I developed this short tutorial that explain how to update the ST-LINK FW under Linux.

  • The sw that we will use is a JAVA program that request that on your Linux you have installed the Java Runtime Environment 7u51 (or more recent).
    If you don’t have JRE, see on Internet that there are a loot of tutorials that explain how to install JRE on you Linux version.
  • On Linux, the application relies on libusb-1.0, which must be installed separately.
    For instance on Lubuntu or Ubuntu, from the terminal use the command: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0

First is necessary download the STSW-LINK007 firmware upgrade package.

Second, unzip the package.
We suppose to unzip it in the directory:

Third, open a Linux Terminal (we use the Lubuntu that is a light version of Ubuntu),
Go in the super user mode (sudo su) and enter in the directory:

Fourth, in the Linux Terminal type this command:
java -jar STLinkUpgrade.jar
At this point you must see the a window like below.

and next click on: UPGRADE

If all go right you must see the sentence: UPGRADE SUCCESSFUL
See below.