Atollic tips and tricks

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How to compile a project

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For insert or remove a breakpoint double click on the blue vertical line, near the line number, see below.

For watch a variable do this; select the variable name and click on it using the right mouse button.
From the window that appear select: Add watch expression
See below.

Below, there are, the explanations of the principal ICONs to use for debug.

To see the peripherals registers select the SFRs tab, see below.

To see the STM32 registers select the REGISTERS tab, see below.


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Choose the emulator

If you need to see the variable in real time (during the run of your program) you must use the JLINK emulator.

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Compiler Optimization

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Choose the STM32 that you need to use

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How to export your project for release it to other people

Export -> General -> Archive File
Follow the steps below.

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How to generate .hex, binary, Motorola S-record, etc, files

The output of the compiler is in the directory:

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The main control icons for editing, building and project management

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