eDesignSuite : Interactive Simulations and Automatic Schematics

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eDesignSuite support you to making an electronic product is both an art and a science.
Complex electrical engineering principles guide the designers’ choices and compromises, but putting all the pieces together is also an art that requires thoughtfulness and experience.
To help with both of these, ST offers platforms and development tools. One of them is eDesignSuite, an application that helps design and simulate a circuit based on specific components.
It allows a user to modify and experiment quickly to come up with the optimal solution. In this post, we will look at two case studies to better understand the power of eDesignSuite.

To use the application, simply create an account on my.st.com
Once logged in, go to https://my.st.com/analogsimulator/
The interface (seen above) will present you with a series of applications, because what makes this tool special is its practical aspect.
Instead of simply offering a blank canvas, eDesignSuite starts by asking what the engineer is trying to accomplish to offer relevant data and suggest components.

eDesignSuite help you also to designing NFC antenna

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