STPMIC1 – Power supply for STM32MP1 and in general for MPU

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The STPMIC1 is a fully integrated power management IC designed for products based on high integrated application processor designs requiring low power and high efficiency.
The device integrates advanced low power features controlled by a host processor via I²C and IO interface.

The STPMIC1 regulators are designed to supply power to the application processor as well as to the external system peripherals such as: DDR, Flash memories and other system devices.
The boost converter can power up to 3USB ports (two 500 mA host USB and one 100 mA USB OTG).
Its advanced bypass architecture allows the smooth regulation of VBUS for USB ports from a battery as well as low-cost consumer 5 V AC-DC adapters.
4 buck SMPS are optimized to provide an excellent transient response and an output voltage precision for a wide range of operating conditions, high full range efficiency (η up to 90%) by implementing a low power mode with a smooth transition from PFM to PWM and also an advanced PWM synchronization technique with an integrated PLL for a better noise (EMI performance).

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